As a pet owner, life long animal lover and experienced care provider, I am dedicated to providing your pet with the individualized attention and consistent care that they deserve, on each and every visit! 

My thorough intake process and in person consultations guarantee that your pets specific needs will always be met, and that the same care will be provided on each and every visit.

Your pets safety and happiness is my number one priority!

I am constantly working to expand my knowledge of animal behaviour and pet care. It is my passion to learn about animals and I spend a lot of time researching the most up to date, science based and force-free training methods in order to provide your furry companions with the most positive and enriching experience possible. 

Daily Text & Photo Updates!


At the end of every day you will receive a detailed update and photos of your pet during their walk or visit. So that you are always in the loop, and never left wondering.

Always on Foot!

Each and every walk is done completely on foot, to insure that your dog will never be left unattended in a vehicle and they will always receive the full paid for walk time. 

Small Group Leashed Walks!

All dogs will remain on leash at all times unless agreed upon otherwise. Group walks do not exceed a limit of 3 dogs per group. Dogs will be grouped according to temperament to insure a safe & enjoyable experience for everyone!

Safety First!

Your dogs safety is my upmost concern! I am first aid certified and always carrying  a first aid kit. During extreme weather conditions walks are shortened, and inside playtime is lengthened to keep your pups safe, and happy! 

%100 Force-Free!

My services are completely force-free. Which means I will never punish your dog for their behaviour, "correct" them or physically force them to do anything they are not comfortable with. I do not use, or believe in the use of shock/e-collars, prong collars or choke chains. I am more than happy to work with you and your dog to maintain consistency in your training routine. I strongly believe in and will uphold all force free training methods that you are currently working on with your dog and/or trainer. 

Service details

My pet care philosophy





Group walks are designed for the kind of dog who enjoys social outings with their furiends.

Your dog will be paired with pups of similar temperaments, so that everyone can get the most enjoyment out of their walk! 

1 HOUR  $25

30 MIN.  $20




Puppy visits are designed to give your pup some relief when you are away during the day. They can help shape a consistent routine, that aids in potty training and building a positive bond between dog & walker. Visits include a walk, feeding, playtime & the opportunity for your pup to practice any training that you may be working on!

20 MIN.  $20



Private walks are all about catering to your dogs specific needs. 

Designed for the pup who may need some extra attention during visits to work on loose leash walking or building confidence outside. Or for those who experience on-leash reactivity towards certain triggers.

 Gen has been working with reactive and fearful dogs for a number of years, and is confident and comfortable providing them with a safe and consistent routine on each and every walk. 

With absolutely no other dog interaction, you and your pup can rest easy knowing its all about them!

1 HOUR  $30

30 MIN.  $25



Never worry about leaving your feline friend home alone again. Gen is a full time cat mom and loves all your furry companions! Visits include mail pickup, plant watering, litter box clean up, feeding, playtime and lots of kitty cuddles! 

30 MIN.  $20

Have Questions?

Peeping Pug

Please contact me if you have any questions or you would like to discuss the best options for your pet!

I am happy to work with you and any of your furry family members special needs in order to provide them with the most positive experience possible!